Keep Your Muscles Injury Free

If you are a serious athlete or just someone who enjoys daily activity, muscle pulls can really put a damper on your life. As a serious athlete myself, I have always been conscious of my body and finding ways to avoid injury. After 20 years I finally found that the solution was Trigger Point Therapy and myofascial release. Let me explain…

Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is overworked or injured. Have you ever felt these knots after an intense game? Or when you sleep wrong and you feel that pulling in your back leading to your upper neck? So now you know you’ve had them. What I bet you didn’t know is that they are affecting your biomechanics and general range of motion each and every day. Trigger point therapy techniques are designed to alleviate the source of the knots through cycles of isolated pressure and release which systematically restores tissue elasticity, fluidity, and function resulting in pain reduction, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. In other words, overexertion produces knots in your muscles, that eventually get pushed past there tension capability and become pulled. Basically, rolling out your muscles on a foam roller can release the knots creating elasticity and preventing injury, in particular, muscle pulls and strains.


So, I took action. I purchased a foam roller and began rolling out my main muscle groups before trainings. I soon realized that the foam roller did wonders with the large muscle groups but couldn’t really get into the hard to get places, and some of the smaller muscle groups, like my calf or upper hamstring. So I went out and tried a softball, which worked great, but couldn’t really get under my foot. And finally, a lacrosse ball. With these three items I found that I was able to really get into the knots and work them out wherever they were. After doing this for about two months, I still realized I was getting knots from training and feeling my muscles fatiguing on the verge of possible injury.

After some further investigation, I finally found the perfect solution. It is the best trigger point product in the market, designed to attack all the major muscle groups that affect your biomechanics. It is called TP Therapy. I am a true believer in this product. To date, I have used this product almost every day before trainings, which has helped keep my muscles and biomechanics in tip top shape. What’s great about this company is that they have developed products perfect for trigger points. There are 6 major muscle groups that should be addressed for proper biomechanics. The (1)soleus,  (2)quadriceps, (3)IT band, (4)psoas, (5)piriformis, and (6)pectorals.  


“The foot is the foundation for every step you take. Addressing the lower leg will enable you freedom within your foot, allowing more efficient movements within multiple plains. By addressing the Quads, you are going to eliminate the strain on the knee and the hip while creating an incredible amount of force to be drawn out of the muscle groups. As you address the Psoas, you are going to influence the biomechanics by opening up the diaphragm so you can breathe more efficiently. You are going to enable structured torso rotation, and take the strains off the L4-5 area of the lower back. Plus, you are going to remove the negative effects of the weight distribution from the upper body. As you address the Piriformis, you create pliability within the muscle and the surrounding muscles, which will enable you to get your foot off the ground faster. You are going to enable yourself to move laterally in an efficient manner, along with giving you increased height and stability when springing upward or forward. By working the Pectoralis Major and Minor you are going to allow the shoulders to take back to their natural position. This will bring strength and stability to the joint, increase force produced by your arms, and make breathing more efficient. ”[TPT]

With that in mind, I personally like to focus more on my lower body and occasionally on my upper. Not only that, but for athletes (especially soccer players), I decided to enhance the program. I think the hamstrings and the groin are extremely important muscle groups, and therefore I created my own adjustments to the program. I use products from the total body kit as well as the GRID foam roller, and a small mini soccer ball. Altogether, this serves to be the best injury prevention system I have ever come across and experienced. I am a true believer in the product and in the method. Here are some pictures that demonstrate the program. Again I highly recommend that if you do decide to go with TP Therapy, you get the Total Body Kit which includes the how-to dvd’s which have been crucial in understanding the routine.

If you're interested in checking out the products, the company, or just get some general education on the subject here is a link to TP Therapy.